Understanding Property Rental in Central London Marylebone Area

Britain’s exodus from the EU has led to a lot of uncertainty in the UK real estate market. Notwithstanding, if you own a home, do not fret. The doom and gloom forecasts that were thrown out at first, have not been realized – as the value of homes outside the capital have stabilized in certain markets. In London as a whole, property values are still depressed, however consulting a good estate agent will allow you to arrange a favorable deal, instead of settling for an unprofitable transaction.

At Jeremy James and Co, we have the required experience to get you the best return on investment possible. The agents we employ are specialists in property rental in Central London Marylebone area. We can deal with residential and business properties alike. For over thirty years, we have negotiated deals for buyers, sellers and renters in Marylebone for every type of property imaginable. Contact us today to start benefiting from our expertise.

Accentuating the Positives

Of course, it is correct that Central London prices remain less than ideal, so how does this affect your own prospects? According to Property Wire, since September 2016 Marylebone rents have reduced by 9.9 percent. Although this statistic may be worrying at first glance, you can make it work in your favor. Do you currently own any unoccupied properties? If you do, reduced lettings prices can attract new renters to your business or residential properties.

Occasionally, potential renters are deterred from renting a business premises or flat in an exclusive part of the capital. With reduced lettings, you will attract more renters to your property, people who will appreciate the location and remain after the market recovers. As knowledgeable agents, we understand where to search and how to appeal to renters, who have hesitated in the past when considering a property in Marylebone. This means that you can get your unoccupied properties filled and making money, rather than remaining unoccupied.

Redirect Your Gaze

Another part of the market that has much potential is millennial renters. These people often regard themselves as lifetime tenants. By correctly advertising to this demographic, and explaining the benefits of Marylebone flat rental, you can draw a completely different group to the neighborhood that will pay your mortgage long into the future.

Jeremy James and Co Services

Our company has helped countless clients purchase, let and sell real estate since the early eighties. Over the years, we have learned to be patient during market downturns, and use these to help our clients. We possess a comprehensive knowledge of the Marylebone, central London area. However, aside from that, we employ time tested methods that allow us to maximize the returns on your properties.

To begin with, we will formulate an advertising plan for your real estate that includes using trained photographers and in depth floor plans to create effective marketing literature. In addition, we will advertise your property on portals like Lonres, Prime Location, Zoopla and Rightmove, and in relevant online and offline publications.

This will not work though, if your property is priced incorrectly, or if your leases are poorly negotiated. At Jeremy James and Co, we can guide you through this process. Call us today for further details about how we can sell your properties.

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